Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Badassery-- A Tale of Two Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween. Not a fan? Dude put on a costume and have some fun.  When else do we get to dress up and play?  Seriously. Have some fun.

As I've said before, I'm not a fan of the creepy stuff. The inside of my anxiety-filled brain is scary enough throughout the year, I don't really need to add to that mess. BUT if you like it, put on that Zombie mask and have some fun.  

Here's what I'm doing this Halloween--it's a tale of two costumes.  Here are the costumes I put together for this grand holiday.

Over the past couple of months I have become seriously addicted to a show that I am slowly binge watching (can you do that slowly?) on Netflix. I am addicted to/obsessed with/super fan of Sons of Anarchy.  The show is full of great writing and characters and music and mega shocking violence and badassery. Watching the show has changed me.  

I feel tougher than I really am.

I want to start wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans.

I want to ride a motorcycle. 

I want to start smoking.

When the family can't decide on something I say "let's take it to the table for a vote." (You only get this if you watch it, but they vote a lot. The uber violent motorcycle club is very democratic.)

I sort of feel like I could kick someone's ass. And I  don't want to take anyone's crap, like ever.

I want more tattoos.

I want to dress up like mean mama Gemma for Halloween.
Ahhhhhh!  I am that weirdo super fan who is dressing up as my favorite character from TV. LOL.  
This picture is supposed to resemble Katy Segal playing Gemma in Sons of Anarchy. Sadly I think I look more my mother circa 1989, all overdyed and overdone (minus the tattoos, my mother never had tattoos).
If you know the character, she had heart surgery and has a scar. In the opening credits she runs her hand across the scar (which sort of looks like a piece of bacon). 
So yeah, I had to recreate it. Ha!
Full disclosure- the cigarette is a plastic straw and the belt is Rufus' chain collar and I wish my hair was really that shiny. 

The mean mama biker chick costume from my favorite scary TV show probably isn't a great costume for my day job. So I decided very last minute to be Princess Leia, a badass in her own way but a little more conservative. I looked on Pinterest for the night before/no sew/DIY Princess Leia costumes.  What I found and what I created turned out a little different.

It's supposed to look like this-- click here to see a really good looking version. Not so much this...

This DIY involved a very old sheet. So old it was going to either be garbage or wait, a costume. 

But it's all good because it's all just for a few laughs anyway.

It's all about the buns hon. I am nothing without the buns,
just a girl in an old sheet.

Get it? Pretend R2D2 is in front of me. Right???

So today I will party with the kiddos as Princess Leia and tonight I will party with the grown ups as my favorite violent TV character. And then tomorrow I will happily pass out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters while I eat a ton of my own candy and drink wine. I LOVE this holiday.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think you look amazing in both costumes!

  2. Both are perfect! That no-sew adhesive is a lifesaver. I use it on ALL of our Halloween costumes.

  3. Ahhhhhhh! You're awesome. Total badass.

  4. Ahhhhhhh! You're awesome. Total badass.

  5. When you give 100% to the character, it almost doesn't matter how perfect the costume is. You look amazing in both! I love Halloween, and celebrate it exactly like you do. A couple quick costume changes, a couple piles of candy, and a couple glasses of wine. Happy happy!