Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grateful For Dancing

The world can seem so messed up and hopeless and frustrating.  I get angry.  I get struck down with despair.  I feel overwhelmed with the pain of others, with feeling helpless, with anxiety and fear.  But I refuse to stay there.  I read, I talk, I listen, I breathe and listen some more.  I work hard to understand, if possible.  And then I write articles or blog posts, I volunteer, I write letters, make calls, educate, tell stories, go to meetings, I vote...I do something/anything to help create change and encourage compassion.

I also find joy wherever I can.  A joke, a movie, a friend, my kids and dancing.  Dancing is my release, my joy, my ridiculous but freeing act of resilience in bad times and in good times.

And for that, I am so god damn grateful.
I hope that this holiday, and everyday, you dance.

This past week I took my dancing outside my kitchen and into a job interview and the streets.  
Check it out and I hope my ridiculousness brings you some joy in this messed up, painful, beautiful world.

(Click here to watch the video.)


  1. You make me happy. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad I make you happy because that makes me happy. The pictures of your sweet babies also makes me very happy. :)