Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Review & Linking Up W/Mama Kat

It's fall and I'm all about it.   
I'm linking up with Mama Kat's Vlogging prompts to review it.  
Check out how many stars I give the season in my latest vlog.

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Check out this hilarious take on fall foliage from  It's stuff like this:

Go check out the amazing Mama Kat and the other vloggers that linked up this week. Click here.

In other YouTube news, here's a fun channel to check out: Cute Girls Hair Styles.  I first heard of this channel at BlissDom last year, but was reminded of it at the bus stop from another mom raving about it.  So, Lucy and I tried a few hairstyles and now I'm raving about it.  I'm sporting a fun "Bohemian FisthTail Braid" in the vlog.  Lucy also got the Fishtail look (click here for the how-to video).

We also did Sock Curls and Pancake Braids on Lucy and it was easy and fun.  Seriously.


Click here for the Pancake Braids how-to video.

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Happy YouTubing and Happy Fall.