Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Boys & Baseball

Baseball is part of the fabric of our family.

I love baseball.  But more than that, I love the way my boys love baseball.  It is pure.  It is deep.  It is what baseball movies are all about.  

This is one of our favorite movies around here...The Sandlot.

I love the way my boys will sleep with their mitts (and even baseballs), compare baseball cards and play catch all. the. time.

I love that when my oldest son went on his first sleepover at his cousin's house, he called his dad to talk Detroit Tigers' stats when he got a little homesick.

I love how they have always played baseball anywhere--in the backyard, on the beach, in the park, in the kitchen.  They use bats, they use sticks as tees for the little boys' wiffle balls, they use kitchen spoons as bats.

I love how in both homes we've lived in the backyard has become a baseball diamond.  I love how the neighbors know we are the ones with the bases and they play and play and play.
We may not have the nicest grass, but need a batting helmet?
Um, we have plenty of those.

I love how there is no tackling in baseball (as a mom of three boys, this is a big one).

I love watching my oldest teach my youngest how to swing the bat or throw a pitch.
After a tournament, before school, after school, in the summer or in the winter...any time, any season it's about baseball.

I love how our family can watch nine innings of any game (from little league to major league).

I love how they always bring their mitts to minor league games just in case a foul ball comes their way.

Baseball is my boys' life.  Their love may fade as they get older.  They might choose different sports, different interests.  But right now, I love the way they love baseball.   

This Dick's Sporting Goods commercial makes me tear up every time I watch it...they get it.


  1. I love that they all have this one thing to bond over. And extra bonus points that it's something that they can go outside and do together (as opposed to, say, my kids all wanting to play Minecraft)!

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